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  1. Jetfire Body Moulding

    Many Jetfire owners are not aware that some  ’63 Jetfire  front fenders have different types of spears on the side.  One is male and the other  female.  The first type spear overlaps  the side molding  and the second type spear  is overlapped by  the side molding.  The second type came...

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  2. Jetfire Engine Stamping

    It has been my experience that the ’62 Jetfire engines have stamped numbers that begin with HHI, e.g. HHI 304490 or HHI 339111.  The ’63 Jetfires had engines stamped with JJ, e.g., JJ 292 or JJ 454.  Not sure of the significance of the “I”.  The ’62 numbers following HHI...

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  3. Rear Axle Ratios

    Following is an article about rear axle ratios.  This article was originally posted in the Forum. I’m not into the 61 that much but the ratios were the 3.08, 3.23, and 3.36. I can give you the standard and optional axle ratios for 62 and 63 and I think 61...

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