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Great info.
So what I did was build up the small boss in front of the carb/behind the thermostat and drill and tap it to drop a sensor in at that location. Seemed like a good spot and I could keep the factory light sensor in orig location. So I am running at about 185 while cruising and hitting 205 when on a long uphill grade, hotter than I thought I should. When going downhill it cools way down with my 160 thermo. I have now blocked the thermo bypass and am running a Stewart Components Robert Shaw style thermo with bypass holes in it. Basically ALL coolant is now routed through radiator.

Placed a multimeter temp sensor probe in the thermo outlet hose just past the thermo and wow, 10to20 degree cooler reading! So I thought sensor off, but put.a new one and same result. New gauge and same result.

So I thought maybe it’s a bad spot and would switch to factory location, but that’s right in the outlet from the head so I doubt that will show cooler. I’ll try it anyway.

So looks like the hose location will run cooler than an eng placement. Still think I should at least run cooler while cruising and we haven’t hit the hot wether yet. I’ll post further results and any further comment welcome.
Thanks you guys.

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