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Thats a lot of data to digest but well worth having. Thanks Bruce.

I guess the guy who ordered up my Cutlass conv in Pittsburg figured there were enuf mountains in Pa to warrant a 3.36 – wait I think your text did say a 3.36 was standard for a 3167 model.

I do wish I had a bit more maintainence history on my car tho. I guess a transmission swap might explain the incorrect speedometer gear match and why the housing was a lot cleaner than one would expect after 48 years.

About the 15″ wheels. I keep seeing stuff in books but no one seems to have ever actually seen a set on any Olds or Buick??? Just for everyones information they are -NOT- the same as Pontiac Tempest/Lemans wheels (mores the pity for those of us who would like to swap). Tempests were 5 lug cars (I owned a new Lemans 62-71).

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