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  • Not many people realize just how easy it is to get an old clock working.
    Just a little spritz of cleaning and lubing and polish the points a bit
    and 99% of clocks can be back in operation again.

  • Like you I had been looking for something else. Was looking for another 62 Pontiac
    Lemans conv like I had back in 62-71 LOL

    No luck for months and then saw this F85 by accident. Part of an estate settlement
    in Ohio. 3 days and they had only bid it up to $1126.23 Disgraceful!!!!
    Since the seller stated in the ad that as a dealer he could…[Read more]

  • Automotive Accents finished the upholstery on Dec 13 and I took the pictures I have posted on photobucket. You can compare with the original interior as shown on page 1.


    I got the car back home later that week and buttoned it up for the winter.(Since I’m…[Read more]

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    3 Days after Thanksgiving and Im still waiting. A job which should have
    neem accomplished by end of Sept still drags on.

    SMS finally did send material and Automotive Accents tells me it is OK this
    time – and so far SMS has not charged me a 2nd time.
    They came and removed the drivers ‘cobbled’ up seat and took it back to his
    shop. I…[Read more]

  • This experience has pretty much demoralized me. I had a very nice little car
    which 4 previous owners had taken VERY GOOD care of. I have tried to be “the
    5th” responsible owner and also treat this piece of history as it deserves.

    I finally had to bring it home with one seat missing because the upholstery
    shop needed their floor space…[Read more]

  • A follow up to my original post regarding problems with SMS product.
    (to recap) I had ordered two different colors of vinyl for the bucket seats L-1416
    (light gold) 6 yards and L-1418 (dark gold/brown) 2 yards.

    Got a call from my upholsterer this AM. Needed to see me about the problems.

    The L-1416 material turned out to be -junk-…[Read more]

  • After they took almost a month to send samples and then the order, I missed the first appointment with the upholsterer; had to wait for a second window
    at his establishment and he only found the problem when he started in on the
    project today. I dont have time to wait for them to decide what they would
    do; then send the material back and…[Read more]

  • Thats a lot of data to digest but well worth having. Thanks Bruce.

    I guess the guy who ordered up my Cutlass conv in Pittsburg figured there were enuf mountains in Pa to warrant a 3.36 – wait I think your text did say a 3.36 was standard for a 3167 model.

    I do wish I had a bit more maintainence history on my car tho. I guess a…[Read more]