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    I have a 63 with automatic transmission. Anyone know a source for a decent Y pipe that comes off the exhaust manifolds at the beginning of the exhaust system? Waldron advertises it but they can’t get one. Kepich claims they can make one but they have a lot of bad press on the internet.



    Along the same lines, I need to find a source for a correct reproduction Jetfire exhaust pipe (from the Y pipe to the muffler), a correct muffler (dual outlet) and correct tail pipes (one on each side). Anyone have any info on that? Thanks.




    Hi Bruce,
    I just read your questions about the exhaust. I have a Y pipe but the Jetfire didn’t have a Y pipe they just had a crossover pipe and the exhaust pipe came off the turbo. Mufflers are hard to come by. You can usually find one on e-bay. You should be able to get the pipes made at your local muffler shop. I have several mufflers but I don’t want to part with any at this time. The Jetfire muffler had smaller diameter tail pipes than the Cutlass muffler. I hope this helps you out some. Bruce



    Thanks for your reply. I guess I got the Y pipe thing mixed up. I have several of the crossover pipes. I see mufflers pop up on eBay every once in a while, but it seems like it’s been a long time since I’ve seen one. I’ll keep my eyes open and keep asking around. Thanks again.




    Hi, guys! Good discussion here. I know it would be better to find an NOS pipe, but good luck. For my ’63 Jetfire, my local muffler shop says to make the nearly 90 degree bend to enter the muffler, which is parallel to the axle, is very difficult. Apparently they cant do it all by bending, but cutting and welding would be necessary. What thoughts do you have that would guide me in this process? Jetfireguy



    I would find another muffler shop. I just had my whole exhaust system replaced using an NOS muffler on my 63 F-85 and my man used one pipe from in front of the rear wheel to the muffler. He did several bends matching what the factory did. None of them are close to 90 degrees.



    For the ’62 Cutlass I recently finished, I found the pipe from the Y-pipe to the muffler from a company that advertised in Hemmings for vintage exhaust pipes. I believe the company was called Classic Exhaust. An aluminized pipe was about 70 bucks. The pipe came in 2 pieces, one piece was flared at the end and the other press fit into it. It fits well. I don’t know if this pipe is the same for the Jetfire or not, but you might give them a call. I have been meaning to call them to ask about Jetfire exhaust parts, but haven’t had a chance yet.


    I found the same exhaust pipe/muffler would work on Jetfire with crossover or 4 barrel with Y pipe. It didn’t last, so I had one made from 304 stainless steel. Now days you can buy a 304 U pipe with very tight mandrel bend, weld it in (stainless MIG wire). I would look at BORLA and find a 304 muffler to fit the situation, stock mufflers didn’t last either. Since those days I have done this with every car, replacement pipes & mufflers are not a part of my life. Bruce Roe



    I think there is a difference between the Jetfire and non-Jetfires in that the muffler for the Jetfire is parallel to the axle, just in front of the gas tank and the exhaust pipe has to bend 90 degrees for that reason. Thanks for all of the info. P.S., I dont see a car registered un der “Hotwire” yet. If you would do that and send a picture, we would like to have your car included in our National Car Registery. Thanks again!


    All the cars had muffler parallel to the axle. However, the Jetfire had dual outputs. Bruce Roe

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 12 total)

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