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Jetfire Turbo Rocket Fluid

In this chart is Jim Noel’s method of mixing the correct amount of alcohol and lubricant to replace what GM called ‘Turbo-Rocket Fluid’.

Additional Comments:

Windshield washer fluid is the cheapest source of methyl alcohol (methanol or MeOH). Windshield washer fluid is a ratio, depending on the freezing point suppression of the water, of methanol and water plus a surfactant to help clean glass and a little die to color the solution. Methanol and water are infinitely soluble in each other. They will not separate once mixed, short of distillation. Any way you can get to a ratio of water to methanol close to 50/50 will work. If you can purchase 100% methanol, that is your best choice. Heet brand gas additive is 100% methanol and can be bought from auto stores in cold climate states, maybe Calif too, but it is an expensive source of methanol! Methanol can be bought in MN for about $2.00 per gallon.

The original anti-detonation fluid was straight water, but that would freeze in the cold climate states, so methanol was added to suppress the freezing point. The Olds engineers found the mixture with methanol actually gave the engine about a 5 horse power boost, bring the rated horse power up to the magical 215, 1 HP per Cubic Inch!

The water soluble lubricant was added to the mixture to “coat” the rubber components in the Turbo Rocket Fluid delivery system to minimize the leaching of plasticizers from the rubber components, that would make them brittle and non-flexible. Methanol is hard on rubber components! The radiator additive, sold to help your water pump, is a water soluble lubricant and is the cheapest, readily available, source that I have found.

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