My First Jetfire – II


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Recently, I talked to the current owner of my original car (see my first article).  You should have seen the smiles throughout our discussion.  He bought the car for his daughters to drive to high school.  But first he replaced the fuel pump and a couple of vacuum hoses.  Then a general tune-up, i.e., plugs, wires, points, etc.  Then it was time for a test drive.  Wow!  Before long the speedometer was flirting with 100mph!  And he bought this car for his daughters to drive?  As soon as he got home, he slowed the timing down to reduce the power, but it still was fun to drive.

Later, over a long weekend, he repainted and sealed  the exterior.  Yes, the car was driven to school, without  any fender benders.  But one of the girls tells me that sometimes she did have a little help from friends “adjusting the car” to optimize its performance, and did not doubt that her dad had the car doing 100mph.

After about 2-1/2 years of use, the car was parked because the girls bought other cars.  The Jetfire main bearing seals were also leaking badly.  While parked outside of a barn on the farm, someone knocked out every shred of glass on the car.  After setting outside about 6 months, the car was moved inside, where it remains today, waiting for a complete restoration.

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