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1962 F85 CONVERTIBLE (with 350/350 conversion)….and more:

yourmomnm_1962_1aShe’s been modified and I put a chevy 350 in her w/a 350 turbo(3sp) tranny, front disc brakes, 5 lug conversion, rack and pinion etc.  The color is “Daytona sunset”…a 2006 chevy vette,hhr and colorodo color.

Fell in love with the Olds version of a 62 in 1992…took me until 1999 to find the right one(owning a 63 skylark in between), then until 2006 to finish everything.  I outsourced most of the modifications and paint/body.  Me and my father did what we could.  He mentioned several times how he wished I would have fell in love with any 64-72 GM model during the restoration process but understood my passion for this year and model…..still a lot of blood, sweat, tears and $$ went into the project.

I’ve caught some slack on some of my decisions from some folks.  The only things I’d do different in hindsight is the motor/tranny.  Should have spent the extra $$ for an LT fuel injected v8 and a 4sp trans.

“I built it for me, and plan to die in it or with it.  If I’m dead, I’m not worried how much money I lost…if that’s what you’d do you should by one and do it” is what I tell them.

I’d like to get a stock 2 door HT, a Jetfire and a wagon someday.

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