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mufflertips1Over the years I have had requests to supply or help find the unique exhaust tips that were supplied on all Jetfire cars. At one point I had several NOS tips that I had found at swap meets. I have installed all that I have had on various Jetfires that I have owned. I have not seen any for sale for years. To “me” they add the finishing touch of authenticity that a good Jetfire restoration should have.

From the tips that I have owned, I have made note of the specific material and dimensions for reproduction……some day. Well, that day is here!

mufflertips2I have reproduced the blunt, angle cut, stainless steel, 1 & 1/2″ ID tips that came with every Jetfire. They are polished to a chrome like finish. The only exception to the originals is that I have not put the two slits in the attachment end for ease of attachment over the 1 & 1/2″ OD exhaust pipes. I have found that the two slits make the tips easier to install but they then “seem” to require a clamp to keep them on and “I” don’t like the appearance of the extra exhaust pipe clamp!

mufflertips3For new exhaust pipes, these reproduction tips will fit on with a rubber hammer and will not require any clamps. To add to older exhaust pipes that have some corrosion, two options are possible. Cut your own slits in the tips or have a muffler shop “bump” the attachment end inside diameter, in about two inches, of the tips “very slightly”. On my Jetfire, I installed the tips when a new exhaust system was made. They were pushed into place with a rubber hammer and secured with one spot weld to be extra sure they would not come off by accident or attempted theft.

mufflertips4I am offering a pair of these tips for $125. This includes shipping within the continental USA. Let me know if you want to add the finishing touch to your Turbo Rocket!






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