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XTR Prototype
(courtesy of General Motors)

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Custom 1962 Jetfire Wagon

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  1. How to edit your classified ad

    When you place an ad in the Classified Ads section, the site will email you an ad “Access Key“. An access key is like a password that is specific to a single ad.  You need the access key to edit a classified ad. Steps to Edit a Classified Ad If...

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  2. How to change your profile picture

    Your profile picture is also called your “Avatar”.  Here are the steps to add or change your profile picture: 1. Login to this website. 2. Click on your user name in the right hand column of the home page. That will take you to your profile page (see screen shot)....

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  3. Create a Login

    Not a member yet? Please register by clicking on Register link below the login boxes. That takes you to a page where you can create your account. During a new registration, this site validates your account by sending you an email message requesting you to click on a link back...

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  4. Internet Explorer 9 Issues

    Some people are having problems viewing the site using Internet Explorer version 9. IE9 is about 5 to 7 years old and doesn’t work with a lot of newer websites. If you have this problem, you are also likely using Windows Vista. If so, you might try installing the Google...

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