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Drive Shaft Variations

Drive Shaft VariationsHere is some information for anyone looking for 1962/63 Olds Cutlass/Jetfire drive shaft parts or information!

There were 5 different drive shafts, 2 different styles of center bearings and 2 styles of center bearing hangers. I do believe they all used the same 4 U-Joints.  GM confounded the issue even further with 6 styles of constant velocity units!

Jetfire’s with auto or 4-speed manual  transmissions used-two piece rear shafts that were “slid together” with a rubber sleeve overlapping the two sections.  This was used for vibration dampening.

Rear sections that I have measured were either 43-1/4″ or 44-1/2″ long.  Front sections were 20-11/16″ (4-speed) or 31-1/8″ (3-speed) or 25″ automatic.  The only place I found the longer rear section was on a 3-speed manual transmission car.  The center section bearing and hanger was mounted to the floor pan only (no cross member) on 4 door models (sedans and station wagons).  I have no idea why the difference.

Center bearings and U-Joints  should still be available.  Both styles of the rubber bearing supports are hard to find.   CV Joint Kits – I have not found.  However, I have never needed a CV Joint Kit.  I have rebuilt several drive shafts and the CV joint was always repairable without the kit.

Whoever said they were NOT trying to get it “right”, just NOT the first time….

If you need additional information, let me know.

Jim Noel   (952) 881-2150

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  1. wrote on July 24th, 2014 at 9:05 pm


    I have a station wagon with a bearing support crossmember. Also how did you repair the cv joints? i have one that needs work.

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