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    Would like to replace the heater control valve on a 62 F- 85. Anyone know how difficult it is to do ? The copper tube is my main concern. What all has to come apart ? Previous owner cut the tube !
    Thanks !



    I believe you will need to remove the heater box with core in order to remove the valve. It has the temp sensor attached to it with the copper wire that goes inside the box and onto the back side of the core. I had mine rebuilt by Old Air and didn’t get into it so I don’t know if that connection is something that can be disconnected inside the valve, would be nice if it is.
    I guess if you don’t care about the “automatic” temperature holding feature of the valve you could cut the sensor wire and leave it in place while just removing the valve which I believe will function in a fully manual mode without the sensor wire.
    Someone here must know more.



    Thanks for the info. I think you are correct about having to remove quite a bit of stuff to it correctly. I think I will remove the control valve and see if there is a reason why there isn’t much heat. The tube is already cut so no loss there. Thanks again !



    Oh, that is the tube you were taking about. I thought you meant the actual heater hose connection but had second thoughts after I posted.

    Is that an actual capillary tube or just a thick copper wire that transfers heat?



    Looks like just a copper wire , I did splice it back together , not sure if it’s really needed . Cleaned and soaked the valve , got it working . Have heat now . Thanks again !

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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