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    I am the new owner of a 1962 Cutlass convertible. The car does not have seat belts. How hard is it to install seat belts? I am not particularly handy but have some friends that know a lot more than me and they are willing to help. I thought I read in a sales brochure that the car had seat belt anchors standard on all models. It also looked like seat belts were an accessory. Anybody have factory seat belts in their car?



    You are correct, all 1962/3 F-85’s came with seat belt anchor nuts welded to the floor pan for the front seats. If still original, the nuts will have rubber plugs in the bolt holes. I have not seen any with rear seat belt anchor nuts in the floor pan. They only showed where dimples were put into the rear floor pan to drill holes for rear seat belt installation. The dealers could order seat belt kits for the car and install them for the customer or you could do it yourself. These instruction sheets came with the seat belt kits that you could purchase from the dealer and install yourself.



    Thanks for the information and the great diagrams.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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