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What F85 models were produced?

The lowest price F-85 was named “F-85”. You could get it in a two door coupe (post), a 4 door sedan, a 2 door soft top (convertible) or station wagon, all were 2 bbl carbs at 155hp.

For the 4 door sedan and station wagon they also offered a De Luxe, generally they were 4 bbl carbs and 185hp.  The term “Sedan”means four-door with posts between the windows.  F85 did not offer four-door “hardtop’ models.
The upgrade model was the Cutlass, which all had 4 bbl carbs and all were 2 door coupes (post) or soft top (convertibles).

The Jetfire was the last model offered, having the high compression V-8 with the turbo. The Jetfire was built on the convertible chassis with Buick Skylark “true” hard tops (NO POST) welded on. They were the ONLY post-less hard tops in the complete F-85 line up.

All plain Jane offerings were 30xx and all upgrade offerings were 31xx.




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