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Professional Turbo Rebuilding

jimnoel_donationengine_articleHi Jetfire people,

I have been involved in Jetfires for almost 30 years. I have owned 11 1962 & 1963 F-85’s in various body styles, 4 have had turbocharged power plants. Two were made up to be Jetfires, a station wagon and a convertible, and two were Jetfire two door (true) hard tops. I have rebuilt 11 turbo units for myself and others.

Last winter, after completing the second turbo unit for a customer/friend, I decided to set up a small business of rebuilding Jetfire turbo units for interested owners.

I had almost exhausted all the critical parts that I had collected over the past 25 years and would need for any new rebuild jobs. I set out to obtain a new supply of these critical parts any way I had to. This task is now completed. All the parts that I have gathered are new, remanufactured in small volume, and will allow the rebuild of some 20 to 30+ turbo systems. At this time, I am only offering these parts as part of a system rebuild job. There may be a time in the future where I would consider selling the parts separately; I will have to see how the rebuild business goes first.

My primary objective is to get more of the little “muscle cars” back in original operating condition. They are very unique and very advanced for their time. At any car show they are not the “belly button” Chevy, Ford or even Olds that might be parked next to your Jetfire! Often, they are the “talk of the show”.

Please see my ad under Classified Ads/Services For Sale.

In the future I plan to upload several articles about the overhaul and operation of specific functions of the Jetfire Turbo, Carburetor, and Fluid Control Valves.  You will find the first of these articles, ‘Depressure Valve Modification’ under ‘Tech Articles from Noel’.

Happy Jetfires..Jim Noel

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