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  1. 1961-1963 F85 Car and Option Prices

    Attached to this article is PDF file containing an extensive list of car and option pricing for 1961-1963 F85’s.  This list includes the price and quantity produced for each model year.  It also includes option prices for each model year. Click here to download the Excel version of the 1961-1963...

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  2. Differences Between ’62 and ’63 Jetfires

    Following is an extensive table showing the unique attributes of the 1962 and 1963 Jetfires. body 2 door, true pillar-less hardtop side window sills, stainless steel windshield “glue/caulk in style”, no rubber gasket (1-1962 Jetfire reported with gasket style) ’62 larger “F-85″ emblem in grill center, 11 & 1/2” wide...

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  3. What F85 models were produced?

    The lowest price F-85 was named “F-85”. You could get it in a two door coupe (post), a 4 door sedan, a 2 door soft top (convertible) or station wagon, all were 2 bbl carbs at 155hp. For the 4 door sedan and station wagon they also offered a De...

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  4. Jim Noel’s Bio

    My name is Jim Noel and I live in Bloomington, MN. I was born in 1941 in St. Paul, MN and my parents moved to South Minneapolis, MN that year. I have one brother two years older than me. I lived in that house until I moved out when I...

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  5. Tech Articles from Noel

    Following is a list of technical articles from Jim. Some have already been written (click on the red lettering). Others will be written as time permits. If you are interested in a particular subject, please email with your request and we’ll give it a higher priority. Complete Intake Systems...

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  6. Professional Turbo Rebuilding

    Hi Jetfire people, I have been involved in Jetfires for almost 30 years. I have owned 11 1962 & 1963 F-85’s in various body styles, 4 have had turbocharged power plants. Two were made up to be Jetfires, a station wagon and a convertible, and two were Jetfire two door...

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