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  1. Jetfire Turbo Rocket Fluid

    In this chart is Jim Noel’s method of mixing the correct amount of alcohol and lubricant to replace what GM called ‘Turbo-Rocket Fluid’. Additional Comments: Windshield washer fluid is the cheapest source of methyl alcohol (methanol or MeOH). Windshield washer fluid is a ratio, depending on the freezing point suppression...

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  2. Air Filters

    Two types of air filters were used in the same air cleaner housing.  There was a “pleated paper” element that was disposable and replaced about every 10,000 to 12,000 miles.  I have never seen one, new or used.  The most common type is a breathable (as in “open cell”) foam...

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  3. What F85 models were produced?

    The lowest price F-85 was named “F-85”. You could get it in a two door coupe (post), a 4 door sedan, a 2 door soft top (convertible) or station wagon, all were 2 bbl carbs at 155hp. For the 4 door sedan and station wagon they also offered a De...

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  4. Jim Noel’s Bio

    My name is Jim Noel and I live in Bloomington, MN. I was born in 1941 in St. Paul, MN and my parents moved to South Minneapolis, MN that year. I have one brother two years older than me. I lived in that house until I moved out when I...

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  5. Tech Articles from Noel

    Following is a list of technical articles from Jim. Some have already been written (click on the red lettering). Others will be written as time permits. If you are interested in a particular subject, please email with your request and we’ll give it a higher priority. Complete Intake Systems...

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  6. Depressure Valve Modification

    Oldsmobile/GM found a problem with the depressure valve that is built into the throttle body of the intake system. They came out with a dealer alert in June of 1964 and an improved depressure valve version in February of 1965 for an external depressure valve installation kit. All known Jetfire...

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  7. Professional Turbo Rebuilding

    Hi Jetfire people, I have been involved in Jetfires for almost 30 years. I have owned 11 1962 & 1963 F-85’s in various body styles, 4 have had turbocharged power plants. Two were made up to be Jetfires, a station wagon and a convertible, and two were Jetfire two door...

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