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    Hi all, I’m new to the site, and recently purchased a ’62 Cutlass. I have been trying to locate sources for 14″ wheels and an exhaust system for my car. It is not a Jetfire, but it is a four speed, so I want to get it ready for some Summer cruising with larger wheels, new tires, and an exhaust system that isn’t so noisy. Thanks, Mike



    There has been 5, 14″ wheels for sale in the classifieds, call to see if still available.
    Exhaust system or parts available at Waldron Exhaust



    There are few and getting fewer tire selections for 14″ wheels.. I went with 15″ steel wheels from Wheel Vintiques with the 4 lug pattern and am using 205 x 65 tires to keep the size in the somewhat classic style, lots of small cars (Honda Accord, camry…) use the size and tires should be available for a long time, could go bigger if you want. Centerline also offers 15″ and I believe 16″ alum wheels in 4 lug, a couple of styles are “classic”, expensive but they are very nice wheels. One of the F85s options was 15″ wheels too. Can’t use stock hub caps though.

    Saw a Waldron exhaust for a Jetfire, very nice.



    Thanks much to both of you for such rapid responses. Those are great suggestions, so I will follow up.



    Another question; has anyone tried using the billet adapters to convert to 5 on 4/34 bolt pattern to use more readily available 6″ GM wheels. If so, any suggestion on what backspacing will work?



    I am not familiar with the adapters and wonder if you could give us some info on them. Sounds interesting. I imagine the manufacturer can help out with the increased backspacing requirement.



    When I was unable to find any correct 14″ wheels, I ordered a pair of these:

    I won’t be able to try them for a couple of weeks, but I will report back when I do. Thanks



    Took a look, says 2″ thick, my guess is a custom wheel with 2″ more backspacing, which Wheel Vintiques could do, but I have no experience. If you don’t move the wheel center back in I would think there would be significant increased stress on the spindle and bearings.



    Thanks, I’ll be careful in checking fitment.



    Just an update. I bought the wheels from the member here who had them advertised, and ordered an exhaust system from Waldon. Thanks to all for the help. The project is taking shape. Mike

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 16 total)

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