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1962 side mirror

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    Fusick has a listing on Ebay for a
    1961-1962 Olds Delta 88 98 Starfire Chrome Manual Mirror SCRATCH AND DENT SALE! (Fits: More than one vehicle)
    Starting bid is $24 and there was 1 bid in.

    They have the same mirror listed in their full size catalog for that year at $85
    This looks to be a the same as a F85/Cutlas/Jetfire mirror. Check out the ebay picts. This is the second one they listed, I bought the first one on ebay and it is supposed to be delivered on Fri at which point I will check it out and report on how it matches up/Fit/Finish. I did talk to Fusick about the mirror and had them measure the base. The based on my orig mirror is 3 7/8″ and Fusick said theirs is 4″ so the orig gasket may be a problem, but we’ll see.



    The 61-62 full size mirror is not the same as the F-85 mirror. The base is different. The mirror for the full size cars sits on the fender peak and thus has a “V” notch in the base. The F-85 mirror has a flat base. The round mirror heads are the same, it’s the base that is different. I bought a 62 full size mirror at Carlisle with the intention of extracting the head and pivot ball from the base and swapping it onto my old F-85 base.



    Thanks for the update Joe. Until you mentioned the “V” shaped base I had forgotten that. But now that you have explained the difference, I do recall it now. Too bad, thought Layne might have a great find!



    Damn, I kept looking at that picture and thought, does it have a V, and then thought, no it’s just a reflection. Well it get’s here next week but at least it should have a good glass I can use or maybe the complete head. The glass shops out here want $25 just to cut a round glass!



    Well Joe you’re right, the base has a V front and back. Pretty good repro for quality but the method of retaining the glass is a little different, it only uses one large recess instead of a recess for the glass and another for the split ring as the orig mirror does. The glass is slight larger and will not fit the orig, have to drive out the ball stud to use the top with the old mount so I just cut my losses and used Jim’s old mirror glass in my mirror body. Hey, it goes with the condition of the car anyway. Worth a try but no go. Anyway, I may sell it or keep it, haven’t decided.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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