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    Thanks again for all your replies.
    I am awaiting some samples from ACC however from what I am hearing their Maroon is not correct either. The Maroon I got from SMS last fall is quite a bit lighter in color than mine and my door carpet is in perfect condition so I really want it to match. SMS’s trunk mat is the right pattern but it is quite a bit darker brown than mine however I do like the ‘look’ of it. I will let you know how I move forward, I may end up seeing the upholstery guy that did my interior of my 61 Olds Fiesta wagon: he does fabulous work although pricey.


    SMS and ACC supply 2 completely different carpet sets. SMS two piece cut and sewn, but not very similar to the orig jetfire carpet I show in a pror post., ACC is fully molded. Yep, darkest ACC red/maroon isnt right but close and looks good and mine is no show car. Don’t know how much SMS is as I have not been able to get hold of them, no answer to phne/gmail/email. Glad you got through and hope they have a good color. If you wish to save money and go with ACC get your ACC carpet through a reseller, 1/2 price, same service.

    Turns out the coupe molded carpet won’t fit the convert, different floor pan. Stock Interiors worked with ACC tech and gave me a full credit and told me to keep the carpet. Having my upholstery guy fit it, he says no problem It will look good but will cost about $100.

    Trying my 62 coupe 1 pc ACC carpet prior to modification in a 62 jetfire this weekend to see how it fits.

Viewing 2 posts - 11 through 12 (of 12 total)
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