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    What are members using for the rubber mounts when pulling the front cross member. These are the three mounting position, 2 behind the spring and 1 at the nose.

    Luck is at the intersection of planning and opportunity.



    I am not sure where but I heard of being able to send one in and they can duplicate it. Keep an eye on eBay. I picked up the two back ones NOS. The front one is not the same and I still can not find one of them. How soon do you need to locate them? I don’t really want to let my NOS ones go but if you are in a bad spot and no time to keep looking I would consider it.



    I have the old mounts still on the cross member but they are brittle. I could use them and replace later. Something that may help, If you are decent with drawing and dimensioning I could duplicate them myself. Also I would need to know about how hard they are. Material like plastics and rubbers can be gauged on a duromter scale.
    If you go to this page
    read down a bit and there is a chart of some common items and their durometer. Pick something close and with the dimensions I think I can come up with something that will work.
    Even if you just take some pictures I may be able to pull this off.
    Thanks for your effort.

    Luck is at the intersection of planning and opportunity.



    I will try to get you some pictures and measurements. It may be another day or so.



    Drop me an email I have a few leads for bushings.



    I picked up a pair of NOS side mounts on Ebay also. However, you need to be aware that 61’s are different from 62’s, both the PN, appearance, and I believe the fit. I haven’t tried the ones I got, they are 61’s, but in communicating on a thread on Classic Olds Forum with another member who was fitting the 61’s to a 62 car it appeared that while they did “fit” they did not fit as the original mounts on the 62 did. I think they did not seem to fully seat or something. They also have a different appearance with a “jagged” top on the rubber mount vs. the smooth top on the 62 mounts.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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