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Rear Brake Shoes?

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    Does anyone have a source for rear brake shoes?

    Luck is at the intersection of planning and opportunity.



    I relined mine. I think Kanter has exchange shoes but not sure.



    There are many brake shoe re-liners out there. Just Google for them. Here is one……….
    Don’t through away your old metal, they can be re-lined!



    Thanks. I’ll check them both..
    Anybody else.

    Luck is at the intersection of planning and opportunity.



    The 9×1.75 rear shoes are unique to the 61-63 Skylark/F-85. Kanter sells theirs exchange, so pay a core deposit when you order and get it refunded when you return the old ones (same as when you by drum shoes from any auto parts store). Occasionally, unused shoes show up on ebay. I’ve grabbed a few just to have spares, as they are usually much less expensive than the Kanter linings.



    i bought some shoes at autozone a few years ago, they showed up as front shoes, only thing they showed front or rear. they ended up being rears and i cant remember what i did for fronts.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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