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    This is the third time for this car to be listed on eBay. First time had an opening bid of $3000 and the second time at $2500. Both times got no bid. I sure hope someone will buy it and restore it.
    located in Ogden, Utah. The area that was hit at the tail light, I have that section good if someone buys the car. If it was not 1500 miles from me I would consider it myself.



    I think the Ad is too lacking in information about the car. It says rust in the rear quarter and very little else. Not a lot of photos to inspire confidence in the car.



    He also has it listed under the wrong thing to draw an audience I think. For sure needs more pictures and information.



    I know this car. I saw it about 20 years ago in the Ogden area when I was looking for a ’62 Jetfire. It has the rear glass broken out of it. Maybe I’ll buy it and have it for one of my future projects. It’s close enough here in Utah to not be a big deal to transport.



    I sure hope someone will restore it. If it waas close to me I would already own it.



    I made a deal for this car. I’ll pick it up on Saturday. I’ll take some photos and post them for y’all.



    Great! The price sure looked right for what is there.



    Okay, guys, I bought this car and trailered it home on Saturday. It is a pretty clean and straight car with the rust out on the right rear wheel well and a smashed in left rear quarter panel, but nothing that can’t be fixed. The amazing thing is that it is complete, with the original turbo on the car. It appears to be an original Utah car and was last registered in 1972. Looks like it has just over 93,000 original miles on it. The date on the turbo is 12-19-62. Check out the pictures and let me know what you think. The guy I bought it from is a professional auto restorer and was working for one of the most well-known auto collectors here in Utah, who passed away recently, which led to liquidating his collection. The Jetfire was on the list to restore, but the heirs decided they didn’t want to continue with that and decided to sell it. Anyway, let me know what you think.



    I fell like you got a great deal on it. If it were closer or better timing I would have bought it myself. I had already talked my wife into buying it after the 4 seed car sells if the guy still had it at that time. I am sure glad to see another one show up.



    Nicely done, good to know it is going to a good home. I think the problem with the car is that it needed an interested owner, which it now has!

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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