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XTR Prototype
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Custom 1962 Jetfire Wagon

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  1. Depressure Valve Modification

    Oldsmobile/GM found a problem with the depressure valve that is built into the throttle body of the intake system. They came out with a dealer alert in June of 1964 and an improved depressure valve version in February of 1965 for an external depressure valve installation kit. All known Jetfire...

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  2. Professional Turbo Rebuilding

    Hi Jetfire people, I have been involved in Jetfires for almost 30 years. I have owned 11 1962 & 1963 F-85’s in various body styles, 4 have had turbocharged power plants. Two were made up to be Jetfires, a station wagon and a convertible, and two were Jetfire two door...

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  3. My First Jetfire

    When my wife and I were only 19 years old, we purchased a beautiful  1963 Oldsmobile Jetfire, 4-speed manual, red/white with a black/white interior.  It was the only car I ever bought brand new!  We  had to have my parents co-sign, which was a mistake because I certainly could not...

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