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62’ seats or reupholstery

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    Anyone got any good 62’ seats or know where I can buy the correct material to redo the seats? My car has been changed out sometime before I got and I’d like to have it original



    Try SMS Auto Fabrics. We got blue upholstery fabric from them and it looks good. They show samples of their material on line. Pricey but it’s right.



    Is it the correct material though? I’ve heard good and bad about them…



    I got mine from SMS. It’s Naugahyde, original material and tough. Mine had the logo of the Naugahyde “creature” on the back side.



    It is not NOS material. It is very good reproduction material. Ask them for a sample and see what you think, or buy a yard for a better idea.



    There were several good sources for 1962 seat upholstery some years ago. Harry Samuel was the best! He sold out to Original Auto Fabrics and now they have sold out to SMS and they are about the only game in town! I have bought materials from SMS and had them make up new door cards for my Jetfires. They have not been the fastest but the end result has always been good for this old fussbudget. It took 3 to 4 months for my door cards but they were perfect when arrived. There may be someone else out there but I don’t know of them.



    Hi Jim,
    When you say cards I assume you mean door panels? Mine for my Cutlass convert are very beat. Can they do the shiny insert material too to make up new ones?



    Yes, I mean door cards or inside panels. They had the exact replacement material for the silver insert that I call silver shark skin. The heat seal lines are perfect. They do need your panels to reuse the stainless steel trim. A couple of pics…..



    Very nice. Thanks, I’ll ck with them to see how deep into my pocket they’re gonna go.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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