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    I start entirely to many projects when I need to finish a couple old ones…. I picked this engine up last year near St Louis. I took all the good parts off of it already so I decided to make a display engine with what is left. This engine will be built from almost all junk parts. The heads are likely rebuildable but some of the head bolts broke off when trying to pull the heads. They are frozen in the heads and I can’t get the heads off. The block may be rebuildable but the pistons are all stuck and likely rusted between the head and the pistons because it sit with no spark plugs in it for decades. The intake is off of our 4 speed car and was eat up from bad antifreeze. The timing cover has a crack and the list can go on with all the junk parts going on it. Even the turbo system I will put together for it will be made of mostly junk parts. Since this engine is never going to run again, I am just painting the turbo red with regular gloss red paint.

    The engine I was using for a display is a good complete engine and I plan to do something else with it in the future.



    I am almost done with this display engine. I did not go overboard with the little details, Just wanted to have the general turbo system installed. I have more to do but I will not likely install the plug wires, coil, or other non turbo related items. I will need to get some decals for the air cleaner also. After this, I need to make some kind of roll around stand for it.



    Hi Eric,
    Looking good! Will be fun to display at car shows. Here is a picture of the carts that the Oldsmobile GM Heritage Center built for their display engines. The engines could be rolled around but might be a little tipsy for transporting?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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