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    Just bought a NOS fuel pump. My old one was not rebuildable.

    What’s the experience out there on using a NOS pump with the new gas formulation. I am in Calif. Should I rebuild it anyway or will it hold up?



    I bought an NOS fuel pump and decided it was worth rebuilding it with fresh modern fuel compatible rubber materials. Here is the source I got my parts from. They also have rebuilding services if you don’t feel comfortable doing it yourself.



    I have used many NOS pumps with no problem. I have a friend in Canada that also used many NOS pumps with no problem. I believe most of this is a money making thing.

    I just picked up two NOS Jetfire only pumps and will be mounting one on our automatic Jetfire soon. I will see how it does in the long term.



    Well……I have used the NOS type Jetfire and Cutlass fuel pumps for years (almost 54 now). Have never had a fuel pump diaphragm problem. Recent (15 to 20 years) unleaded gas has alcohol added for octane boost and emission control. The best answer to have diaphragms resistance to these fuels is to have them made from fluoroelastomer material ie: Viton or Fluorel. However, my experience has shown that the standard rubber diaphragms from yesteryear work just fine, even for the long haul.
    Want to be 110% safe, then rebuild with “alcohol resistant” or “modern fuel resistant” diaphragms.



    Think I’ll give it a try.



    Guess I’m just better safe than sorry. I’ve removed rubber fuel system parts from various cars in the past 10 to 15 years that seemed to be more deteriorated than they ever used to going back to the 70’s. Some of the rubber accelerator pumps in the N.O.S. carburetor kits I’ve used have failed prematurely and I believe had deteriorated either due to age or the way the parts were stored for 40 or 50 years. So now I use new stuff every time I replace fuel system parts. I’ve never seen any rubber particles in my fuel filters or the float bowl of my cars since cleaning the fuel tank and replacing the tank filter sock, all the hoses, metal lines and rebuilding the fuel pump and carb. Just my two cents based on experiences I’ve had.



    Yeah, of course that’s the concern. I keep going back and forth. I have a new rebuild kit that I bought for my orig pump which was damaged and turned out to not be rebuildable so I am still considering. Thanks for the input.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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