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    Can the instrument board be repaired?



    The general answer is yes. But of course it depends on how bad the problem and how much money you want to spend to have someone repair it. As the saying goes, “nothing money won’t fix’. I .have a background in the manufacture and repair of commercial circuit boards and a tech can lay down new traces, do jumpers, rivet new terminal connectors /connections, re-solder connections, etc etc. You could try but it’s easy to cause more harm than good, Better idea is to pay a shop who does PCB repair. The boards are simple circuits with no real components and your problems are likely open circuits due to lifting and cracked traces and termination points. The board can easily be tested with a voltage/phm meter and with some magnification you can find the problems. Other typical problem is the main connector pins being loose. A good tech should be able to fix you up.



    find one in a junkyard



    What year are you looking for. I have a couple from 62’s and one from a 63

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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