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    This 63 Jetfire I am working on has an oil pump to turbo line that has no extra bends in it. It is a little rusty but the bends are perfect still. I sent it to Inline Tube and they are going to start making them. I have two of them coming and they only charged me $25 each for the regular steel version. I will let you know how it fits when I get it but at least it will be available now. I know it is easy to bend your own but for $25 this one should look closer to factory.

    I am not sure if the $25 will be the regular cost or not but should be available in the next week or so. It is not going to show up in the catalog for a while.



    I got the new tube from Inline Tube. It is a VERY close to perfect match. I test fit it on my extra engine and it will require a very minor tweak at the water outlet at the front of the intake. Nothing worth bringing to their attention.

    I really like these because duplicating the really tight bend at the very end of the line (turbo side) is difficult to duplicate if you make your own. To make your own that tight you have to bend it first and then cut it off and flair the end but most flair tools can’t have a bend that close to the end.



    Eric, do they make the fuel line to the carburetor yet? I think I’ll get one of those oil lines!



    Not that I know of. I don’t have and never had a single car with an original on it. I would like to see what it is supposed to look like. I did think about sending them the filter bowl to carb line but I had enough nice originals I just had mine zinc plated. I may end up having that one done also. Do you have the pump to filter line?



    The pump to filter bowl reminded me, does anyone know what this bracket is for? I am assuming it is to hold the rubber return line but not sure. I am not seeing it in the assembly manual. I do not believe the 62 has this bracket but I could be wrong.



    Yes, on my car the clip is to hold the fuel return rubber hose on non power steering cars.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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