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    Hi everyone, new to the site,
    A friend of mine from another state has recently died, a friend of his had died about 15 years ago of which the guys wife sold my friend several old cars very cheap. He knew the guy for many years and told me that the guy had a car sales lot years ago and when the 1962 Jetfire came out that his wife wanted one as a convertable, so straight from the factory they built one and she got it. This was one of the old cars that he got. He claimed that it is the only Olds Jetfire built as a convertable. Is this true and what would something like this be worth. It has the original turbo and engine in it.



    No Jetfire convertibles were ever built. The dealer could have made one up to get a sale, but unlikely. It could only be validated by factory paperwork, like a Protecto Plate. Someone built this car, its been done before. And its been customized.
    Value would be what a custom 62 convertible would be worth, what the condition is, plus the value of the turbo, and all the Jetfire trim. $10K?



    I was contacted about this car and was told a different story. This is not a factory built car. See if you can get a picture of the cowl tag or pictures of any documents. An under hood shot would be cool also.

    They told me that it was documented by GM to be one of two. I did not tell them but I have the Oldsmobile production paperwork for these cars and this car was never made. This paperwork was only discovered a year ago and is the ONLY source for production figures. Even a one off car would show up on this paperwork.

    Are you looking to buy this car? Who actually owns it now? I will be on vacation next summer near where this car is located and would like to look at it if possible even though I am not interested in buying it.

    All that being said, It does have some value as oaklyss said. Just a matter of how much body work has been done and its driving condition. I can see what looks to be red paint on the front inner fender, if so it has been painted before. For sure the interior is custom and not factory. From what I see I would also say $10K but maybe a little more if it still runs and drives nice. With it not being a factory car, it helps that someone converted it to a 4 speed. It has an automatic console in it so I am assuming it was a conversion.

    Keep us posted about the car



    Thanks guys,
    I don’t think there was much if any body work, it was very solid as I remember it, it’s always, I think been a southern car. Don’t quote me though.
    Working on getting a picture of the Protecto Plate if there is one and it can be found.



    I’ve heard too many stories like this over the years. They NEVER have a scrap of documentation to back them up. I’m also aware of several “Jetfire” convertibles. Not one was factory built.



    Got a picture today of the plate Can anyone explain everything on it?



    That tag was removed from a Jetfire and they used pop rivets to install it on the convertible. These rivets are not original and obviously the tag is not original to the car either.

    Here is a Jetfire tag with the correct rivets.



    What I find interesting is that the Jetfire that tag is off of was built the same week as my 4 speed Jetfire, 160 bodies apart.



    I have no doubt it came off of this car.
    He took it off to paint it and riveted it back on.
    (He was an old guy that just liked to tinker with the old cars he had, I don’t think he cared about what was the correct way to do things.)
    But still — can anyone explain how to read the tag?



    That tag is not from your car. Unless someone cut the roof off and made it a convertible.The tag says it’s a Hard Top. Someone parted out a Jetfire and put it all on a convertible.The factory would never use the wrong body style code for production. It can’t work that way. If it was a “factory convertible” Jetfire, the tag would still have a 3167 code. There is nothing on a tag that says its a Jetfire. It’s just that the Jetfire was the only model available in Hardtop body #3147 form.
    it decodes like this:
    06D= build date June,4th week
    Style 62-3147= 1962 body style 2 door HARDTOP COUPE, convertible is 3167
    Body LA 2157= built in Lansing, 2157th Jetfire coupe made
    Trim 975=Red interior
    Paint V-V= Upper and lower color Holiday Red
    Acc S-384=accessory codes

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