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    Sorry about that i must have a 63 mirror on my 62.



    Hi Guys,
    Thanks for all your help and suggestions. Philhahn62 had the correct mirror and we made a deal. Mirror is in hand and will go on my car tonight!
    I just wanted to thank Phil and close out this topic.



    I have a good original door mirror like the picture in the first post, but the glass is broken out. Did I see somewhere there was common aftermarket mirror with the right size glass that could be removed and glued into the 62 F85 mirror?

    Glass shops can cut mirror for it but it’s not “automotive non-glare mirror”, they say it diffuses headlights and glares at night.



    Thanks much for the offer! I did purchase one from Phil some time ago and have just what I need for now. I do have a good mirror glass with a broken frame for a ’62 if someone else is interested in your housing and would want my mirror glass? I also have the spring and mirror keeper ring. They did not use any glue.
    Thanks, Jim



    Sorry Jim, not looking to sell, looking for a mirror glass for my good frame for my car. Like to talk on that glass. Send you a PM.



    Here is an article that Jim Noel wrote about air filters:



    I sent you back a email but I see my old article about air cleaners got posted?? If you didn’t get my email regarding rear view mirror glass & parts, send me a new email.



    Hi Jim.

    Just sent a new PM with my new email address




    I found a mirror, but need the bracket. I also noticed that the drivers mirror is not a 62 f85. Its either a 63, or a Olds full size according to the images in Fusick



    Does anyone have a lead on a rear outside mirror? The whole thing as I’d like to add the option to my 62’ Cutlass.

    Get at me @ or reply here I’ll be checking as I’d really love to have

Viewing 10 posts - 11 through 20 (of 20 total)

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