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62' Olds F85 Cutlass 5 lug conversion and disc break conversion

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    Hey guys I’m trying to swap out the 4 lug setup for a 5 lug and disc break conversion for the Front and rear.. Do you guys have any knowledge that you can share with me as in to what is the best direction to go in as far as the setup itself? I know wilwood has a rear 5 lug disc brake but I need to know some specs , like length from axle housing flange etc etc. The front unfortunately, I was told I would need a GM A- body spindle to have any kind of disc breaks on them, or a custom spindle to handle the offset for the fronts. I wanna put 18 in rims on the front and back , at least 7in wide if not wider. I’m also looking to lower the car about 1-1.5inches. I currently have the stock 13in wheels on them now and although I can always appreciate the stock look, I just want a more aggressive look/stance. Any feedback as to what parts or direction I should go in would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.


    1962 Olds F-85 Cutlass 2-door

    – 4 speed T-10 with console and Tach



    Not sure if you could lower the car and also fit 18 inch wheels under it. I have not looking into much other than stock but not sure you could even get 18s under it without running rubberbands for tires.



    first gen nova spindles are supposed to fit on our cars, never tried it myself, then you can use nova disk conversion parts for the front. as far as the rear idk what you could do.



    i have 5 lug and disk all the way around but i dont have the stock front or rear end in my car



    I used the scarebird brackets for front. It Uses 5 lug corvair hubs. With s10 4wd. Rotors and calipers. Then redrilled rear axle. But retained stock brakes for now. Im also running 17×8″ rims front and back.



    do you like the scarebird kit? has anyone tried the scarbird kit that retains the 4 lug?



    The 17 X 8’s fit great on the car. What offset on the wheels and what size tire are you using? No rubbing issues on the front when turning?



    Fatman now makes a complete bolt-in front crossmember for the 61-63 cars, with five bolt disk brakes (the don’t BREAK, they BRAKE).



    I have 235/45/17 on front and back. Could probably go 245 on back with no issues. The front just rubs a little on outside when backing out onto street if wheel is turned to full lock. It is lowered a little in front. I can’t remember bs. I think its 5.25″. Scarebird seems to work ok. Alot better than drums. I think the kit called for Mitsubishi rotors, if you use s10 rotors you’ll need to turn edge of hub on lathe about 1/8″.



    Great information, Thanks Dand. Once I get some “after” pics, I’ll start posting. The before pics are already on here.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 18 total)

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