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    I ordered a fuel line and fuel return line for my 1962 Jetfire restoration project from Inline Tube. When I received them, the lines they sent were not even close to being correct. See the attached pictures of what they sent me next to the original lines. I sent them these pictures and they are now telling me that what they sent me was correct. HUH? This is pretty baffling as I bought a fuel line for my 1962 Cutlass project over 10 years ago and it was perfect. They don’t seem to have any records this far back. I think the Cutlass fuel line is the same for the Jetfire, but without the return line. Has anybody had this type of experience with these guys? I’m pretty surprised because they’ve been pretty good in the past. Now I have to decide if I want to pay 60 bucks to ship my original lines to them for them to reproduce or just try to clean them up and use them and ask for my money back. This is turning into more of a pain than I thought it ever would be.



    Had a similar problem with In Line Tube with my 62 convert brake line complete car kit- front to back line. So I sent them pics of my line and they sent me another line, also wrong. They then checked further and matched the line in my pic, and they did have the program for the line I wanted . Evidently lines vary even for the same model or the line they copied at one time was said to be one model and it was actually another. Anyway, they did make it right for me and told me to just keep the wrong lines.

    I made my own fuel lines and eliminated the long rubber lines gong through the front wheel well and the rear axle cavity.



    Inline Tube is a mixed bag. I can’t stand the business itself but they generally have quality parts. They have got to have the program somewhere if they made them correct at one time.

    The most important part of dealing with them is when you order a large order you must check the order as soon as you get it. I have placed many large orders with them and 100% of those orders has something wrong. If you catch it right away they will make it right without much fuss. After about 14 days they tell you better luck next time and to go pound sand.



    I had the same problem with Inline for 62 conv’t brake lines. Line from front to back was wrong back in 2007. They said the line is the same for a Cutlass 2 dr post as the Cutlass conv’t. Wrong! I had to send my old line and they copied it, all rest was good. Only extra charge was my shipping of my line to them to copy. They “should” of had the correct pattern after 2007.



    Thanks, guys. I guess the thing that’s really surprising to me is that the lines they sent me aren’t even close to being correct. Where could they have come from? I’m pretty sure it’s not from a ’61-’63 F-85/Cutlass/Jetfire. I’m thinking that I’ll probably just clean up, paint and reuse my original lines and ask them for a refund.



    I just looked at the Inline Tube part numbers. I see that they show 61-62 the same for fuel lines and 63 has another part number. I have not had them out to compare but the 63 Jetfire I have sure looks like the same fuel lines as my 62’s have. Does anyone know if there really is a difference? If there is no difference then maybe they have something wrong with there listings and their 63 fuel lines would be correct? Just a guess on my part but they should have the correct lines available if they were before.



    I talked to the Inline Tube guys today and they think they had a mix-up in their sorting and got my correct fuel lines mixed up with another order. Hmmm. So, they are looking for the correct lines. That’s nice to hear because I couldn’t believe they were going to insist that what they sent me was correct. I’ll update the outcome of this. I’ve had a pretty good experience with these guys in the past, so I hope it stays that way.



    Okay, here’s the final installment in this saga. The short version is that Inline Tube DOES NOT have the correct fuel return line for the Jetfire. They simply make a 1/4 inch duplicate of the main 5/16 inch fuel line and call it the return line.

    I went my rounds with the customer service guy at Inline Tube when he told me that they could not find the correct patterns for the ’62 Jetfire fuel lines and that what they sent me was correct according to their records. When I asked for my money back, he said they wouldn’t do that. Bad move. I let him have it as what they had sent me was absolutely not correct and I wasn’t about to pay an extra 60-70 bucks to ship him my correct and original fuel lines, especially when they didn’t inspire confidence in me that they could do the job right. Well, he got his supervisor on the phone and this guy seemed more knowledgeable and was aware that the Cutlass and Jetfire main fuel line is identical. He got involved and called me back a couple hours later. He’d figured it out. They had sent me fuel lines for a JETSTAR, not a JETFIRE. Wow. Anyway, he said they had the correct patterns and would make them and send them to me, no extra charge.

    Okay, well I got them and the main line was correct, but the return line was not, as I indicated. The original return line matches the main line up until under the front wheel well where they enter the engine compartment in different places, resulting in a different length and bend at the engine end of the lines. I was tired of dealing with these guys, so my friend took what they had sent me and bent it to match my original return line, cutting it off to length. So, there you go. Beware if you try to buy Jetfire fuel lines from Inline Tube.



    Typical Inline tube service. I am thinking about sending The Right Stuff my fuel lines and see if they would be willing to make them.



    Let me know how that works, Eric. I don’t think I want to try Inline Tube again.

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