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    Thanks Bruce! I knew there had to be someone out there who had done this. When I talked with Pilkington they stuck to their guns saying there was only one windshield for 62s, glue in or not. But in working with another supplier who was good enough to go into his warehouse and measure the glass we came to the same conclusion as you state above. The national glass book these guys use shows the DW 610 windshield for 61-63 and the DW 623 is shown as the “optional” windshield for 63 .Maybe the glue in was a mid year 62 change so they show it for 63. Since 61-63 windshields are the same the conclusion we drew was that DW 623 also fits 61-62. Turns out the 623 is slightly higher at 24.250″ vs the 610 at 24″. I guess the extra height gives a little more beef on the flange for glue in. We are getting ready to buy the 623 for the glue in and the 610 for the gasketed.

    Thanks again for adding some comfort to our decision.



    Oh good! Nice to hear. I know the one I got is correct. I haven’t installed it yet, but we needed it to make sure it fit in the windshield window channel because I had to do some rust repair in the window channel. It fit fine. One thing I’ve noticed is that many of the glue-in windshields end up with significant rust damage in the bottom of the windshield window channel. I’ve posted pictures here of my car with this problem a while ago so if you’re interested, check them out. My body guy had to do a lot of welding repairs there and did a nice job. Anyway, glad to hear you’ve got this figured out.



    It would not be a surprise that the old glass replacement books would miss that the 1962 Jetfire was introduced some 7 months after the 1962 model year started, April 19,1962. If their books were not updated to include the late entry of the Jetfires, then the 1963 book/listing would be all they have to go on.
    Yes, the 1962 and 1963 glue in windshields for Jetfires are the same. Oldsmobile didn’t cover anything on 1962 Jetfire in their service or parts books. They did come out with a Jetfire supplement manual in June of 1962, 4-Speed Synchromesh Transmission supplement in May of 1962 and a Power Brake supplement in May of 1962, all 8 to 9 months after the model year introduction. My 1962 Oldsmobile Parts & Accessories Catalog is effective starting September 1961 and has no mention of Jetfire, I have to go to the 1963 Parts book for Jetfire info. Sounds like the glass suppliers are the same.



    Thanks Bruce, one of the Jetfires with glue in has a lot of rust damage on the bottom flange too. Don’t see your pics but I know the problem. Lucky enough to get a donor 62 buick special sedan front section for the upcoming bodywork.

    So Jim, that jells with our glass guy who thought there was a mid-year change not shown as 62. Wish I had one of those 63 parts books, not to mention an assembly manual !

    Thank you everyone for the info.



    You are 100% correct. I just purchased a windshield from them and they knew the difference. Now I have both. So I will use the other one on my Buick Special when,if needed.




    Related windshield question. I have a 62 Cutlass with a glue in windshield that needs replaced. Can I switch over to the weatherstrip windshield without any problems. I know the trim is different and I have a donor car with the trim in tact. Does it use the same trim clips?



    No clips at all for the windshield weatherstrip trim. The trim pushes into a slot in the weatherstrip. But be careful removing it from the old weatherstrip, it has a hook at the bottom that keeps it in. It’s easy to bend. The guy that did my windshield cut the weatherstrip away first.

    Don’t know if you can switch over but I think it might work. You have a donor car so measure your flanges. Someone here will know for sure.

Viewing 7 posts - 11 through 17 (of 17 total)

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