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wiper wiring digram for 62 cutlass

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    I had it mounted in the dash, and it did not work, that’s my dilemma



    Here is the wiring from the Oldsmobile Service Manual. Hope this helps you!



    thank you. I’m still waiting for my manual



    I got that switch in as tight as I can get it, and still it does not work. I know it works cuz I grounded out by accident as it touched the underside of the dash. I still cannot get them to work, now I also lost the estuchion…



    Run a jumper wire fro the switch housing to your wiper motor mount plate.. this should fix your issues



    I wouldn’t even know where to begin to do that.



    Just take a wire and run it from the switch housing to the mounting plate of the wiper motor. This iwll tie them together with the same ground.. Now, your switch should function properly… It sounds like they are not sharing the same ground.. They MUST in order to work because the the switch must ground the motor to make it work..



    anyone know where to find a bezel nut tool for this?

Viewing 8 posts - 11 through 18 (of 18 total)

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