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    No, not all wheels were painted body color. I think the majority were black. Olds was not very consistant in their cowl tag markings or record keeping. For a time, I thought the Paint code on the cowl tag only used all three color codes when the rims were painted body color and 1 or 2 paint codes when they were black, by default. I have now viewed one tag that would not concure with that assumption. Many 62 and 63 F-85’s that I have seen in Chariot Red (62) and Holiday Red (63) have red rims. Most of the Olds sales and promotion literature pic’s also show (primarly red) body color rims. On the cowl tag, next to “Paint” code is the first letter = body color, the second leter = top color or vinyl top ( #1, only available in white), the third letter = rim color, most often not there!






    Jim, do you have any insight as to why some engine compartments are painted body color and some are black? I have a Midnight Mist body on my 1963 but the engine compartment is factory painted black.

    I didn’t know that the 4 speed was indicated on the cowl tag. Decoding cowl tags would be a great topic. I’m aware of most of the codes except the ACC. line. Mine says “2M” which I assume stands for the air conditioner but the option code for that on my build sheet is C60. I guess the build sheet codes aren’t the same as the cowl tag codes because a 4 speed option code is M20.

    Also, my production date on the build sheet is July 25, 1963. On my cowl tag the build date code is 07D….07 means the 7th month of the year and D corresponds with the 4th week of the month (4th letter in the alphabet).


    Here is my cowl tag and my understanding of the codes. I assume accessory “2M” means air conditioning but that’s the only one I’m not sure of.



    I have seen several ’63’s with black engine compartments. However, I have not seen a ’62 with anything but body color engine compartment. Perhaps your assumption regarding factory location and color choice independence is correct? Maybe only occurred in the ’63 model year?
    The acc. entries on the cowl tag are a mystery to me too. They are somewhat explained on a website that discusses many of the ’62 facts. In my list of information supplied by many owners, the 2M code is also shown on some of their cowl tags and only one of several has factory A/C. So I don’t think 2M is for A/C.
    I have only seen 4 cowl tags with the “4-speed syn F-C 200” listed. The website I listed above states the ACC code area was used to alert the production people how to configure the body for special accessories that would follow later in production. This makes sense as the 4-speed syn cars required a special front floor pan section.
    In my previous note I incorrectly stated the vinyl top color choice was only white. In review of the ’62 option sheet, it states the vinyl tops were available in white or black.


    Thanks Jim. After looking at yet another source on the internet about the ACC. line it seems Oldsmobile was inconsistent with this area of the cowl tag.

    By the way, was your new red Jetfire built at the Lansing plant or the Southgate, California plant? I’ve been trying to follow up on the consistency of the yellow inspection marks in the engine compartment and whether they differ from plant to plant.


    This one was made in Lansing.



    Hi Turborocketeers,
    My new toy has been put on the back burner for a while. Received a turbo system for rebuild and that has priority, plus we have been having cold temps and snow, as usual for February. Here is a list of the “little things’ that I have finished in-between the turbo work. Plan to get back to my toy in March! Back to all later………….

    completed work
    R & R turbo system & air cleaner
    Unplugged & cleaned fluid tank
    Rebuilt fluid tank fluid level sender
    New fluid tank filter & hoses
    Fluid tank pressure cap replaced
    Radiator cap replaced
    New windshield wiper/washer switch knob
    New pos & neg battery cables
    New plug wire set
    Cleaned and gaped all plugs
    New vac/pres hose to Turbo gauge
    Replaced points, distributor rotor & cap
    Rewired ignition to resistor/coil
    Refinished coil
    Replaced external ignition resistor
    New front parking lamp bulbs (amber)
    Refurbished ft. parking lamp gaskets
    Refinished oil filler cap
    Partial restoration of right rear tl lt bezel
    Replaced right rear stop bulb
    Stripped and re-painted all 5 wheel rims
    Replaced all 5 tires-new radials
    Painted all 4 hubcaps
    Replaced inside day/night R/V Mirror
    Repaired left door courtesy light switch
    Repaired turn signal switch
    Repaired/adjusted stop light switch
    Replaced fuel gauge lamp (158)
    Repaired clock
    Connected clock light
    Refinished Jetfire emblem on trunk
    Installed 30/35 amp fuse on voltage regulator
    Replaced antenna




    New toy still waiting for turbo restoration to be completed. About 1/2 done with this rebuild.




    Looks great Jim. If I were a bachelor I would display something like that in my living room.

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