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New Toy for Jim

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    I have completed the reinstall with all now ready for the start-up.
    I will advise on how she runs in a day or two…..







    Working on “new shoes” for her also. Cleaning up the rims and ordered 4 new tires from an eBay seller. Whitesidewall tires are sure hard to find!! The tires that came on her were bias ply, 40 year old ones with many sidewall cracks. The new ones are radials, not original type, but MUCH better performance/ride!





    It’s looking good Jim. Do you know what the factory markings in yellow on top of the wheel-wells and the flex braces mean? I’ve been trying to find out so I can replicate them on my ’63 Cutlass. I sandblasted mine years ago an neglected to make a stencil.



    I am not completely sure of the under hood stampings found on these cars when they were originally sold, and in some cases have survived, but I have always thought they were factory/production line inspection “approval” marks. I also find them a sign of originality on a old car. I have taken pics of the ones found on my new toy and will send to you.



    Well, the new toy fired right up, after the glass filter bowl filled with gas. For the brief running time, she sounded great! Shut her down quickly due to two gas leaks!! Didn’t need, but fire extinguisher was right next to me! Always is on any new start up. First leak was fuel filter glass bowl. Found that I had installed the rubber gasket on the wrong side of the filter. This hit me like “green side up” on a pallet of grass sod! The second leak is the fuel float/needle & seat not working properly, flooding gas out the top of the carb. Taking that apart today and solving the problem. Hope to run later today when I can set dwell, timing, choke and idle. FUN!!



    May not be the same problem as mine but i had to change my float bowl cover because it was warped enough that the tab that holds down the float was not reaching down far enough. It allowed the float to work itself up enough to leak gas out the top like yours. Just a thought.

    The Turbo setup looks great as always! I will have a red one eventually.



    Thanks for the tip Eric! I can’t be sure of the problem, but after disassembling the top cover to the carb, checking all very closely with the float, needle & seat, reassembling, the leak or flooding due to the needle not seating well in the seat, is gone! Started her up and drove back & fourth in the garage. Runs good, no fuel leaks!
    By the looks of the two drive belts, both could be original! Both in questionable condition. New numbers for the belts from Gates are; generator & h2o pump 7430, P/S 7440. Replaced both.



    What are the chances you would bring this to the nationals in Springfield IL? Not sure how far that would be for you. We are taking ours.



    I can’t say about the OCA Nats just yet. I will have to wait for the streets to melt off here in MN before I can give the trans a good check out. It is about 525 miles for us and I would not attempt the trip without a real good report on the trans. Just might go with the ‘flop top’ Jetfire though?
    Two rims, tires and hubcaps done.






    Are the wheels originally body color? Somebody painted mine black at some point.

    We will have to trailer our car out there. I am taking a truck load of parts with me also. I understand about the transmission. Ours worked but i didn’t feel comfortable with it so i had it rebuilt. It was much less to have rebuilt than i thought it would be.

Viewing 10 posts - 21 through 30 (of 62 total)

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