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    HI, Very new to this and it doesn’t seem that this site sees a lot of action anymore but I thought I would ask anyway. Does anyone know if you can replace the 4 lug drum spindles with any other GM disk spindle? Maybe a late 70’s or early 80’s Cutlass? Just trying to swap it out and keep it simple. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



    I know several people have done this but I have not myself. Maybe someone will be here soon to help you with it.



    Don’t know of a direct swap over from a disc brake car. Scarbird sells a caliper bracket with instructions-you collect the other parts on the list and do a little machining, BCCP, and Kanter sell a ” turnkey” kit. All of them require a new dual reservoir Master cyl for a disc/drum set up which will require a little to a lot of frame trimming, your orig MC is not up to the job. Do a Search Forum on the bottom of the page for info, and see the 6163skylark forum for more. There are similar options to convert to 5 lug at the same time. Others here and done this as well and will chime in.



    If you want to just convert to 5 lug and keep the drum brakes you can get a 67,68,69 Corvair front hubs.
    They are 5 lug 4 3/4″ and you do not need to replace the spindles. Now the rear is another item. Either send the axles out and weld the holes up and re-drill or purchase new 5 lug axles.
    Disc brake are as described above.



    kanter has the front disc brake conv. kit. now what rear axles will I need to use to convert to 5 lug



    Kanter is the most expensive, BCCP also sells a front disc with 5 lug conversion, and I think Scarebird can guide you too if you want to go the put-it-together-yourself route.

    Rear axles, call Moser Engineering of Moser Axles. You send them your axle and they make up a copy with 5 lug/as you specify. Not cheap but Moser are good axles, I think they are around $700 for a set. Didn’t check with anyone else

    Talked to a couple of machine shops here and they refused to weld up the existing and redrill . One reason given was the multiple large access holes in the flange and that the axles are hardened and will not perform up to spec if welded. Have heard of people doing it though.

    I stuck with 4 lug on my car. Lots of new wheels either steel or alum available-American Racing, Wheel Vintiques.



    Legendary Wheel has the Magnum 400 for early Mustangs in 2 colors, 4 x 4.5″, 4″ backspace, 15 x 6″. The perfect fit for our cars. This one has BFG 215/60-15 fits with no rubbing and is perfectly centered.



    It does not look like BCCP offers the disc brake conv. They don’t list it on their fb page, and their web site seems to be down. I have had people telling me scarebird has one, but all they have are brackets. then you need to go frankensien everything together. For what Kanter lists isn’t all that bad, but will continue to look.



    Yeah, that website has been down for a while now. I know they offered it, I have their conversion for a 4lug and they had a 5 lug conversion at the time and was starting to offer 5 lug rear axles. Looks like they were about $400 cheaper than Kanter. Kanter shows you needing 5 wheels but when I asked sales if the kit comes with new 5 lug hubs since the originals are 4 lug he said no. Also said he didn’t know what MC it came with and there is no one at Kanter who does know, it’s a sourced kit. Typical Kanter response. Good luck with them.



    BCCP got back to me today. for around $1500 +shipping will get me disc brake conv.5 lug, dual res. m/c and 5 lug rear axles. I just have to drill the rear drums….

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