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    After long negotiations I brought this 62 4 speed jetfire home today. It looks better in the pictures than it is but still has alot to work with. Wy wife loves the fact that we can have a his and hers cars. Mine will be the 4 speed with her driving the automatic. The 4 speed car will not be on the road any time soon. It needs a major restoration. I will eventualy try to get it to run and drive but the paint and body will not be done for years. It will be a major job just to get it running and driving.



    More pictures



    Did you pay the 12 grands he was asking for it?



    No. It is not the original paint and has some rust issues. If you like these cars I would very much sugest getting one. They are the funest cars I ever had. Just be sure to look close and ask many questions before getting one. It is easy to overpay for one.



    Best of luck with the car. Looks very nice!



    Hi Eric,
    Congratulations! VERY rare car! This is only the third original 4 speed ’62 Jetfire that I have in my car records! Will be a great/rare car when running. Are the wheels 15″?
    Have fun, Jim



    They are the 15 inch option. Just glad all the trim rings are still there. I could use a cap for a 15. One of the caps has a couple dents. I still need to look but I am hoping to find a posi rear end under it. Not that I need it but would be a cool option. It also has a clock and AM radio. Not sure about what glass it has in it yet.



    Congratulations on a special car, very nice.



    Very Cool! Exterior colors look like they match your automatic car. And it looks very complete and unmolested too. And it has the original shifter.




    I have been working on a 1935 Huber tractor for a little over a week. It had a stuck cylinder and I got it free. I took a brake from it for about a half hour tonight and changed the battery on this jetfire. The lights, 2 speed wipers, heater fan, turn signials, and even the AM radio work perfect. The gas gauge went from empty to 3/4 tank so I hope it is working correct. I bumped the starter for a very split second to see if it would engauge and it did. I don’t want to crank it till I pull the distributor, change oil and filter, and prime the oil pump. I would like to circulate oil with a drill for a long time before I crank it. I am nervous about the valves sticking and bending pushrods. With this sitting since 1974 I wonder if I should just pull the valve covers and check them?

    I will put more time into this at a later time. I need to finish the Huber first.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 99 total)

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