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    Well, Till I know more about the engine and how it runs I decided to just do a basic rebuild on the carburetor and put it back on the turbo and fluid system. I hate doing that because anyone restoring the car in the future will have to take apart everything I just done. If it don’t rain tomorrow I should be able to start the car up. I have not put a battery in it yet so I could have other electrical issues. I can’t find anywhere that mice have chewed the wiring so I am hoping to not have anything shorted out.



    After an over 40 year hibernation it is alive!

    I only had a float bowl full of gas in it so it only ran a couple seconds. I did not want the pump feeding more fuel to it till I knew what would happen. This way if there were a fire it did not have much gas to cause problems.



    Here is another video. I have it running really good now. I had changed oil in it before I started it up to begin with but after running it tonight for an hour I changed it again. Had an oil leak at the oil pump that I fixed also.

    This video is not public so it is only by link. I will not likely post any more videos public till a later time. A more professional video is being made of this car and will be featured in a publication sometime next year. Till then I am keeping the public videos at a minimum.



    Working on the brakes now and going really well. I can reuse all the brake lines (other than the rubber ones) and all the wheel cylinders and master are rebuildable. I believe I will be able to take this car for a drive by the end of the day Saturday!



    I have brakes now! Took it for its first drive. I went a little over a mile round trip. The video turned out sideways..



    Great work Eric!



    I installed the carpet, back door panels and seats today. I am almost done with the interior. I took it for another drive. I went around the block (4 miles) and all went well. I stopped and checked the temp and it was only 170. I do not have a thermostat in it for now. I decided to go around the block again but it died on me after 1 mile. I called my wife and she sent my 12 year old girl to fetch me on the SXS. She pulled me home with it and done a great job of pulling me. Turned out that the fuel pump quit pumping. I changed it out and all is good again.



    did you find a build sheet stuck under in the springs of the back seat? Hand written and looks like Dead Sea Scrolls… Awesome find.. but now I need to change my stats on my showboard, lol



    I did not find any documents under the seat of this car. I do have the Protecto Plates.

    What stats on the show board?



    how many original 4 speed that are know to exist

Viewing 10 posts - 21 through 30 (of 59 total)

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