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I need an original upper radiator hose

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    Does anyone have an original upper radiator hose i could buy or barrow? It would need to be in it’s correct molded shape. also is the 62 and 63 upper the same? i MAY have someone willing to make a small run of them and can even put original markings on them.

    also, how much interest would there be in buying them? I think 25 is the smallest amount i could get.



    I have an original upper radiator hose, 1.159 part number 585964. My book says it fits both 62 and 63 Jetfires. You’re welcome to borrow it if you get to that point.



    I will do more looking into this now. I was not sure if i would be able to locate one. I will proceed with the talks with them and see where it goes. I will let you know. Thanks.



    I would be so in for this. I might even buy multiples. Been looking for a solution to this forever.



    It will take some time. I don’t have a direct connection to the people that will do it. My connection is a direct close personal friend to them and he has alot of pull to get things done. I know they are making an upper radiator hose for another car that would be as uncommon as this so i would think we have a good chance. I just gave them the part number and he is looking through his stuff to see if he happens to have an NOS one. He said if they do it they would much rather have an NOS one to make it from.

    John: is yours used or NOS?



    It’s NOS



    Great news guys! This will be going to the next step. I told them I can get 10 sold for sure and they were happy about that. They want me to supply an NOS upper hose so they can get a setup cost and go from there. They are licensed to be able to put the original markings on the hose also.

    John, I will send you a PM.



    Good news Eric, I am in for 2, when made.



    awesome, count me in as well



    Looks like you made some great progress Eric. If you need my hose, let me know when and where to send it and I’ll get it out to you.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 47 total)

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